Donut Shop

“All The Wellness” t-shirt

You can’t have just one dimension of wellness. You need them all.

The “Daily Reminder” Coffee Mug

What better way to start your morning than with a daily reminder of how fantastic you are.

Coffee, tea, or whatever – this mug is perfect for your morning ritual or as a gift. One side sports the Wellness Donut Logo. The other side reminds you that the day is yours.

“Just a Donut” t-shirt

No words. No judgement. Just a Donut.

“Donuts Are My Jam” Leggings

Show off your love for [Wellness] Donuts in these stylish leggings.

Being fit and pursuing your wellness goals doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. You can still enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life. These Wellness Donut Leggings are perfect for showing the world that you are confident, focused and are enjoying life to its fullest.

Made of a comfortable microfiber yarn, and they’ll never lose their stretch.